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Serving patients who live in the greater New York City area, Empire Sports & Spine also offers treatment to individuals living in the Flatiron, and Midtown areas. Dr. Edmund Shockey and Dr. Bart Bargiel specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of many types of sports injuries.

Sports Injuries Q&A

Are Sports Injuries Treated Differently Than Other Injuries?

Even though many people believe that an injury is an injury, sports related injuries are somewhat different. An athlete that receives an injury will normally begin to heal faster than someone who does not have the level of strength and range of motion. Because of the athlete's strength and resiliency, they will begin to heal faster than someone who may not have the resources to heal as fast. Sports injuries must be treated quickly and efficiently so the injury heals properly. Individuals who are not athletic in any way may need additional physical therapy and strength training to help them heal. Chiropractic adjustments and therapeutic massage can help by bringing the body back into a natural balance and strengthening it so it can support proper healing.

Why is Physical Therapy so Important?

Physical therapy is extremely important in both athletes and non-athletes. Physical therapy helps the body to regain strength during the healing process. It improves circulation that brings oxygenated blood to an injured area. Light exercise that is performed immediately after the injury can help to reduce inflammation and strengthen the tissues. As the muscles and other musculoskeletal structures become stronger, healing speeds up. Physical therapy also keeps the joints from becoming stiff and uncomfortable. The exercises used to increase range of motion and flexibility, all the while improving a person's ability to move around.

How Long do Most Injuries Take to Heal?

Most injuries take anywhere from six to eight weeks to fully heal. Muscles and soft tissue injuries will heal much faster due to the increased amount of blood flow they receive during the healing process. Bones will also heal rather quickly because of their access to freshly oxygenated blood. Injuries to the connective tissues of the body often take the longest. Tendons, ligaments, and cartilage are very fibrous and have limited access to oxygenated blood that is vital for healing. In most cases, physical therapy and deep tissue massage that strengthens the structures around the connective tissues helps to stabilize them during the healing process.


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