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At Empire Sports and Spine, Dr. Bart Bargiel and Dr. Edmund Shockey serve patients throughout the New York City area, including surrounding communities like Midtown, and Flatiron. The doctors and their staff offer pain management plans for headaches and other health issues.

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What is a Tension Headache?

A tension headache is the result of tightness in the muscles or the scalp that is caused by excessive amounts of stress and tension in the soft tissues. When a person is under an excessive amount of stress, they tend to tighten their muscles. This increased tension can put pressure on the small blood vessels that travel throughout the muscle tissue. Tension is most often felt across the shoulders, deep into the neck and up the back of the head along the occipital bone. The longer the muscles remain tight and constricted, the less blood they receive. The effects of this can eventually travel up into the heat itself causing the scalp muscles to suffer and resulting in a tension headache.

Can Headaches be Prevented?

Certain types of headaches occur because of imbalances within the body and are extremely unpredictable. Tension headaches, however, can be somewhat reduced, if not prevented, by learning how to relax and properly release stress so that it does not accumulate within the muscles. Although not all migraines can be prevented, a person may reduce their frequency, duration, and severity by learning what triggers them. Bright lights, loud noises, strong odors, and sudden movements can trigger intense migraine pain in people who are prone to them. Chiropractic adjustments and physiotherapy may be able to possibly reduce the frequency and duration of certain types of headaches and migraines.

What are Common Headache Triggers?

Headaches and migraines often have specific triggers. Most types of headache pain are not as severe as migraines. A headache may be triggered by a sinus infection, a blow to the head, or stress. Migraine pain, however, is much more intense and can last for days, if not weeks. Migraines are often triggered by various extremes. Bright lights very loud noises, sudden movements, strong and unpleasant odors, and flashing lights that create a strobe effect are commonly reported as triggers for migraine pain. The best way to avoid these types of headaches is to avoid the triggers. In some cases, that is not possible. Physiotherapy and chiropractic care can offer safe and effective treatment options to help reduce the risk of many types of migraines and headaches.

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