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Midtown NYC Chiropractor Explains Why Exercise Is An Important Part of Managing Sciatica Pain

You may be all too familiar with sciatic pain — the numbing, tingling, and sharp pain that starts in your very lower back and radiates down your leg. Irritation or injury to roots of the sciatic nerve, the largest single nerve in the body, causes this pain, which varies from mild to debilitating.

Exercise is a critical part of your treatment. At Elevated Health NYC, we carefully evaluate the cause of your sciatica and offer physical therapy exercises in addition to chiropractic manipulations and adjustments to resolve your pain. The goals of physical exercise are to reduce pain and establish movement patterns that prevent it from recurring in the future.


If you have a particularly severe flare-up of sciatic pain, you may need a day or two of rest to cope. But long-term inactivity only makes the pain worse. You need exercise and movement to maintain the integrity of your back and spinal structures so they can support your back. A poorly functioning back is more susceptible to sprain and strain, which only contributes to sciatic pain.


The discs that cushion the space between your vertebrae need to stay hydrated to be springy and supportive. Exercise encourages blood flow, which means more nutrients and fluids flow to the area. Healthy discs are less likely to put stress and pressure on the sciatic nerve.


Strong abdominal and back muscles support your back and the movement of your limbs. This means you function more healthfully and reduce movement patterns that can lead to irritation of the sciatic nerve. Gentle core strengthening and stretching help you recover faster from a flare-up of sciatica and may prevent future pain episodes.


At Elevated Health NYC, we carefully analyze the reason behind your sciatic pain, whether that’s spinal stenosis, a disc herniation, or a tight piriformis muscle. Once the likely cause of your pain is identified, our team of chiropractors and therapists offers the right types of exercises to heal your pain. Doing the wrong type of exercises can lead to a worsening of your condition, so it’s important that you seek treatment and trained care.

The team guides you through how to perform each movement, when and how often to perform them, and how to incorporate them into your regular routine. You also benefit from regular cardiovascular movement, such as walking, to keep joints — including your back — mobile and prevent irritation of the sciatic nerve that can happen if you’re still for too long.


You’ll benefit from a daily commitment to sciatica care and prevention. The doctors at Elevated Health NYC help you understand how to establish a regular exercise routine as well as reduce everyday stress on your lower back. You learn how to lift heavy objects properly, maintain good posture, support your spine in appropriate chairs, and avoid long bouts of standing or sitting.

Sciatica is frustrating and irritating, especially when it interferes with your ability to function daily. Elevated Health NYC is committed to helping men and women in New York manage sciatic pain and prevent it from happening in the future.