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How Regenerative Medicine Works

Have you heard about the great progress dozens of our patients are having with the breakthrough medical technology known as

Regenerative Medicine

As a Chiropractor, I was frustrated when my patients who were in pain could not respond to my methods. I searched and discovered regenerative medicine, an incredible procedure that has solved some of our most difficult cases — without drugs or surgery !

I’d like to share a patient story with you that clearly illustrates the amazing power of regenerative medicine.

Woji, a chef in his early 40's and father of three was injured 10 years ago and as most knee injuries do…his knees had progressively gotten worse.

As a chef he stands for long hours every day and that had taken a serious toll on his knees as well. In fact, his knees were so bad that he was diagnosed with grade 3 arthritis in his knees. This isn’t bone on bone contact but it’s really close and very painful. The cartilage in his knees was nearly gone.

When he came to Elevated Health NYC, he had two goals:
  1. To be able to play on the floor with his kids like he used to
  2. To be able to stand on his feet all day doing the job he loves so much
Chef Woji Regenerative Medicine TestimonialWhat did Woji do?

Woji opted for a regenerative treatment – injections containing stem cells, growth factors, cytokines and proteins.

Did the treatment work?

Just look at his results

  • At 2 weeks, his inflammation was down, and his mobility returned.
  • At 1 month he no longer had pain.
  • He is playing with his kids on the floor again.
  • He's able to stand at work.

Woji is living proof that this breakthrough medical technology can help real people have life changing results.

I can’t promise you that you’ll have the same results that Woji had just like I couldn’t promise him before treatment that he would’ve regrown cartilage. But I can promise you that our team will work extremely hard… just like we did with Woji… to help you achieve the kind of results that Woji has experienced.

If you have pain in any joint, there’s no reason to live with it.

Call us and let’s discuss your condition and explore whether regenerative medicine will help you like it helped Woji. The consultation is free. What do you have to lose?

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