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Posture Correction

Dr. Bart Bargiel and Dr. Edmund Shockey help their patients to correct their posture through the use of physiology and chiropractic care. At Elevated Health NYC, the doctors and their staff welcome patients from all over the New York City, New York area, including those in Midtown, and Flatiron.

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What Causes Poor Posture? Manhattan, NY

What Causes Poor Posture?

Muscle imbalances are the most common cause of poor posture. While most people focus on strengthening the lower back, they tend to forget to work the muscles of the upper back and shoulders.

Individuals who have a weaker upper body tend to have rounded shoulders that droop or gravitate forward.

Strengthening all areas of the chest, back and core muscles will help to pull the shoulders back and correct poor posture.

Individuals who sit at a desk all day long may also tend to have poor posture compared to others who are more active during their job.

Posture correction can be achieved with physiotherapy and chiropractic adjustments that help to strengthen and support the spine.

How is Posture Treated?

How is Posture Treated?

The main treatment for poor posture is to strengthen the muscles that support the upper body. In addition to physical exercise, rehabilitation exercises, therapeutic massage, and chiropractic adjustments can also help to keep the spine in balance, restore blood flow to the injured areas of the spine, and strengthen the back as a whole. Poor posture can become a habit.

Learning to identify how a person sits and training the body to remain in an upright position will also help to improve a person's posture. The more a person takes the time to adjust their stance while sitting, the easier it will be for them to correct their posture.

Can Poor Posture Cause Back Problems?

If a person has poor posture and does nothing to correct it, irreparable damage can be caused to the spine. The muscles will begin to take on the position, even if it is wrong. The longer a person slouches or sits hunched over, the harder it will be for them to correct their posture at a later date.

It is important to keep the muscles and connective tissues of the spine strong and resilient. This will help to keep the spine in the proper position and encourage good posture. It is important to correct problems with posture as soon as they appear so the spinal column will remain in balance and able to support the entire upper body.