5 Ways Chiropractic Therapy Can Help Relieve Holiday Stress

Chiropractic Midtown NYC Relaxing Woman

Even after the extended family has gone home and your decorations have been put away, you may be physically feeling the effects of the holidays for weeks or months to come. Stress, exhaustion, and traveling can all do a number on your back, neck, and shoulders, causing persistent pain and limited mobility.

Fortunately, chiropractic treatments available from Empire Sports & Spine in New York City are custom designed to address the root causes of pain and other issues brought on by holiday chaos.

Addressing lower back pain

Long hours shopping for gifts and preparing meals can cause issues with your lower back, inducing discomfort from sciatica and other common back conditions.

Chiropractic solutions for addressing lower back pain include massage therapy and manual manipulations to realign your spine. These treatments can reduce pressure on your sciatic nerve and relax lower back muscles to alleviate persistent pain.

Easing neck stiffness

Many men and women put a lot of stress on their shoulders and neck. After the holiday rush, you may find your neck a bit stiff. Neck pain can also contribute to headaches.

Treating a stiff neck with chiropractic manipulations and massage therapy can loosen tight muscles and tendons in your neck area and reduce your risk for developing headaches and pain in your shoulders.

Relieving shoulder pain

A tight neck and a lot of activities centered around the holidays can put stress on the joints in your shoulders, making them painful to move. Tight muscles in your neck and shoulders can also result in painful headaches and a limited range of motion in your arms.

To combat shoulder pain, the doctors at Empire Sports & Spine can identify areas of tenderness in your shoulders and recommend exercises to loosen tight muscles. They may also recommend rest to protect your shoulder joints from injury. Massage therapy is also beneficial for loosening tense muscles around your shoulders and in your neck.

Alleviating stress and tension headaches

When holiday gatherings cause anxiety and stress, you may find yourself with frequent headaches, even after everyone has gone home.

Massage therapy may be the first step to relieving headaches caused by tension in your muscles. Additional spinal manipulations can realign your vertebrae and ease pressure put on the nerves in your neck and head.

Getting back your good posture

After days of holiday parties and nights sleeping in hotels or guest bedrooms, you may notice your posture isn’t what it used to be. The holidays are a great time to kick back and relax, but too much relaxation can cause you to ignore the finer points of good posture.

The doctors at Empire Sports & Spine offer effective treatment options to correct bad posture and improve the strength of the muscles that surround your spine. They can accomplish this through physical therapy exercises, chiropractic adjustments, and massages. By realigning your vertebrae and correcting your posture, you can alleviate frequent pain in your upper and lower back, neck, and shoulders.

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