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5 Symptoms of Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a painful chronic condition that can be brought on by a sudden unfortunate stressful event, such as an accident or injury, or sickness. Either the event or sickness, be it physical or psychological, can trigger Fibromyalgia symptoms in men and women of many ages.

While it is not normally a life-threatening condition, it can be quite debilitating for some. Fibromyalgia causes pain and discomfort in the musculoskeletal system and many other uncomfortable symptoms, such as mood swings, fatigue, headaches, and sleep loss.

What are the Most Common Symptoms?

Symptoms of Fibromyalgia New York City, New York Pain can occur anywhere throughout the body and may be severe or mild and much more manageable.

  • “Fibro-fog” is a term used to describe the effects of Fibromyalgia on the mental ability to stay focused during a short or lengthy task.
  • Fatigue can happen despite having a healthy amount of rest. Those who suffer from symptoms of Fibromyalgia may always feel sleepy or exhausted. Some people may also experience restless leg syndrome at night as well as sleep apnea.
  • Increased urination may happen due to inflammation and pain around the nerves in the pelvic area. This can often occur at night while trying or while sleeping.
  • Mood swings, anxiety, depression, and other psychological symptoms may be experienced with Fibromyalgia. Frustration and stress can come from lack of sleep, pain, and chronic fatigue daily.

Treatment Options Available To You

  • Chiropractic Care and adjustments offer those who live with Fibromyalgia an option to help reduce symptoms. By gently making minor adjustments to the spine and joints, patients may experience less pain and discomfort throughout the day.

    Receiving regular chiropractic care for conditions such as Fibromyalgia may benefit you long term. By ensuring the spine is properly aligned, a chiropractor can help to reduce symptoms of pain, inflammation, and discomfort and increase the range of motion throughout the entire body.

  • PRP or Platelet Rich-Plasma treatments can help to alleviate some of the symptoms associated with Fibromyalgia. In the clinic, a sample of the patient’s own blood is taken. From there, the platelet-rich plasma is then separated from the other components in the blood. This phenomenal injection is then inserted into the area of pain, as needed.

    These platelets then begin to travel to the injured or inflamed area of the body to help the body heal and repair itself.

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