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At Empire Sports & Spine, we address the cause of your pain, not just the symptom. We believe that education is a big part of your success. Call today!

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Chiropractor Midtown NYC

Welcome New Yorkers! At Empire Sports and Spine Chiropractic we do our best to get you the power of pain-free mobility to get back in the game of your life. You get the full commitment of our entire staff to accelerate your healing and pain relief as fast as possible through cutting-edge chiropractic care. This article is designed in order to showcase how our Midtown NYC chiropractor can provide beneficial care for both you and your loved ones.

Empire Sports & Spine

Our midtown Manhattan location on 5th Avenue and 48th Street near Rockefeller Center and Grand Central is convenient for commuters and midtown residents alike!

New Yorkers work hard, play hard and demand the best care. That's why chiropractors Dr. Bart and Dr. Shockey opened an office in the crossroads of New York City. They excel in getting patients better on a strict time line. And together with their staff, the doctors develop care plans that accommodate the most demanding schedules.


What sets Empire Sports and Spine Chiropractic apart is the emphasis we place on the patient. Our care plans are designed around the patient's goals: such as completing a marathon, pain-free gardening or correcting posture. We utilize the latest technology in computerized assessments of movement, x-rays, and neurological evaluations. However, the best tool for your chiropractic care is the time we extend to really understand you and your challenges. We call it High Tech and High Touch.


You might have headaches, sciatica, neck pain, back pain or slouching posture -- these are all conditions that we see every day and support our patients in overcoming. The greatest reward to witness is the patient ultimately having more freedom in how they live their life through pain-free movement. Unfortunately, nobody gave you an instruction manual for how to use your body and as you age, those bad habits can be compounded. But through our three-pronged approach, there's relief. We will help you get better through:

  1. Personalized exercise and movement rehab
  2. Optimizing your lifestyle habits (correcting sitting, sleeping, lifting)
  3. Powerful chiropractic spinal adjustments to reset and reboot your neuromuscular system.


In order to become a chiropractor one must complete a minimum of four years at an accredited chiropractic institution. Before being able to attend chiropractic school, it is required to have an undergraduate degree in a basic science or a number of years experience in a different but relevant health profession.

Students working through the program to become chiropractors must log at least 4,200 hours in the classroom and also must, at minimum, undergo 1,000 hours of supervised training in a clinic. These supervised hours are used to teach how to diagnose specific conditions and what treatment techniques to use in order to bring the body back to its full potential.

Common Symptoms Chiropractic May Help


Chiropractic care has a long history of successfully treating headaches and migraines.

back pain

If you are living with chronic back pain then chiropractic care might be a good treatment option.

neck pain

Understanding neck pain is necessary in acquiring treatment that will be effective in recovery.

carpal tunnel

Many people are finding long-term relief through chiropractic treatment at Empire Sports & Spine.


The majority of car accidents are rear-end collisions with whiplash being a common result from them.


A condition that causes pain in the lower back, down the back of the leg, and into the foot.